I will have a handmade life.

In the past two years I have seen my husband and I get closer and closer to the life we want. This has nothing to do with finding a better job, buying a house or car. This is about a handmade revolution.

This blog is an affirmation that I am going to stick to my goals. This year, 2012 I am making a pledge to only buy everything handmade, environmentally friendly, local, as well as search out all I can second hand and used.  Everything else…I will attempt to make. Everything from food to folly.

  • I will however allow myself to buy new things were necessary such as toilet paper, contraceptives, band-aids, and Hubby’s thyroid meds.
  • I will allow myself to buy new things if they improve not only my self sustainability, but are also environmentally friendly like reusable containers for my fridge and storage containers in my kitchen and only if I have exhausted all options of making these myself or of getting these second hand and I will avoid plastics as much as possible and reduce my waste.
  • For gifts and special items that I cannot find locally or make myself I will allow myself to shop on etsy.
  • Also If I already own it I am going to use it.
  • I will reuse and repurpose as many of our belongings and paper waste as possible.
  • All of my cleaning supplies will be homemade and environmentally friendly (I use a ton of vinegar and baking soda already for everything.)
As for food, my husband and I already buy 80% of our produce local/organic and about 50% of our diary and meat. I will increase both of these figures to 100% as well as try to provide up to 40% of my own food through hard labor such as home and community gardening,  and food salvaging and saving techniques over the coming year.

My basic skill set to start off with is:

  • novice food saver
  • novice/intermediate gardener
  • experienced cook
  • novice sweets baker
  • experienced bread baker
  • intermediate machine sewer
  • excellent hand sewer and embroiderer
  • intermediate knitter/crocheter
  • master thrift store and yard-sale shopper
  • master bargin hunter

My one goal is to live a happier, healthier, and more sustainable life and enjoy my urban homestead.

I will chart it for me and share it with you here for the next 365 Days.


2 responses to “I will have a handmade life.

  1. Handmade By Lauren

    Hi, I too am striving this year to avoid the new. Good luck in your efforts. I’m sure you’ll be an inspiration.

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