The first week of 2012

This week is a pretty quiet week. Usually with holiday left overs and over shopping J and I don’t do any shopping till the second week of January. We also have a pretty good pantry and don’t partake in regular grocery store shopping.

Flour is the one ingredient that I always run out of over the holidays, well just in general really. If I have flour and I am bored and want a snack, I am most likely going to bake something. Having my father and older brother here for Christmas meant we really went through some flour and didn’t make many trips out to the store to restock.I made 2 farm loaves before they arrived, as well I made biscuits one morning, J made like 4 dozen cookies one night (which we ate over the course of the week,) I made two loaves of beer-bread a little later in the week and after they left I made pitas which are J’s favorite. All in all that’s really not that much flour for us as we like to make things in bulk and freeze it, we just don’t usually eat everything…in one week. In actuality it’s around +20 cups of flour. Can you imagine consuming that much in seven days? Four people, that’s 5 cups of flour each or two whole farm loaves per person. I do usually make two loaves of bread and about 16 pitas in one week and that’s just under 10 cups of flour, but the only thing we go through it the bread. J is a sandwich man. +20 cups of flour is mad!

Needless to say I am going to posting some about bread. I want to do a tutorial for both farm loaves and pitas, I also want to do hand stir and using my kitchen aid mixer (only because I love it too much,) but we’ll see if both of them happen. It’s a lot of work getting used to stopping and photographing something,especially when you have to wash the sticky flour goop from your fingers every time. But hey what else do I have to do.

What I got into today:

Every other Tuesday I do a whole house cleaning. Which to me is really easy and is done in about 3 hours as I live in a very tiny apartment. I love doing it this way because it’s like I employ a cleaning service. I have a regimen that I stick to and I do it all in the same order every time. It’s relaxing and invigorating at the same time and it means I only have to do a few small things to keep things going over the next week. I love it.

As for dinner:

I am making dhal tonight. Dhal is a staple dish in our house, both J and know how to make it and we make it often. It’s simple and packed with protein, plus we just love Indian curries. I think I will share my recipe with you next week, it’s definitely something worth sharing as I always make it when we have guests.

I am off to read some of my hand me down magazines. J’s Aunt and some of her friends give me all their old periodicals because I am “crafty” and like to read.

Ta ta for now

One response to “The first week of 2012

  1. Handmade By Lauren

    I’ve never made beer bread or pitas, so definitely looking forward to a tutorial on that. Thank you for commenting on my blog!

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