No bread today….a bug instead

No bread today. J and I are both home sick with a bug.

It was a miserable morning, but we have finally pacified ourselves with a spicy indian chickpea dish. Just the right amount of warmth and savory. I took a few pictures through out the process and J did the cooking.

The onions in the melted butter. So pretty.

5 minutes later. The onions with the red pepper

2 minutes later. The onions with all the spices

That’s all you get today!

You can find a very similar recipe to the one we use here from Madhur Jaffery. I love Madhur Jaffery’s recipes she is so talented at simplifying things. I have indefinitely borrowed one of her most recent cookbooks from J’s aunt. I will definitely be showing you a start to finish dish with our recipe sometime next week. This is just a little teaser to tide you over.

J’s second helping.

Thanks for reading,



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