Incredibly productive day.

J and I decided earlier this week that Saturday we would do a big de-clutter of the house.When my Dad was here over Christmas we did get a few jobs done around the kitchen. The week before he arrived we re-organized all the closets to save us from embarrassment. My Dad is a little OCD. J and I are generally tidy, but when we moved into this apartment last May we realized it wasn’t going to hold everything we owned. So we’ve weeded out and taken apart the furniture we want to keep, but can’t use in our current space and stuffed it into closets.

We decided to split up the job. I took the bathroom. I really can’t trust J with the bathroom yet, even after six years of living with me he is still not quite there. A kitchen on the other hand he is a dream in. Why? Because he’s worked in restaurants for the last 9 years of his life and is currently running and cleaning one everyday. So he took the kitchen.

This might seem rather unfair, but seeing as our bathroom and kitchen are nearly the same size…tiny. And we were each working on something that we are good at it worked beautifully. Generally that’s how we split up chores, by what we are good at and not just right down the middle as we are more efficient that way. J and I, we love efficiency.

Today I pulled out the big guns for scrubbin that tub. Baking soda, fine grain salt, vinegar and a natural loofah sponge. That and one dry and one damp wash cloth are all I use to completely scrub my bathroom. 

First I fill an old spray bottle with vinegar, a bit of water, shake it, and set it aside till last.

Next I mix one part baking soda to two parts salt add a little water till it is a nice paste. I dampen my sponge with water, and I dip it into the paste. Talk about Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. This gritty mixture on a natural loofah is so much better than a Magic Eraser. It doesn’t fall apart when you are using it, you know what’s in it, and actually it’s faster at the job. Soap scum is removed in seconds. Just keep reapplying the paste as you need it.

I always start at the top of the tub walls and work my way down as things tend to drip, plus I need less at the top and more at the bottom anyhow. And the great thing is you can actually feel your loofah dragging against the scum so you know where to put in a little extra elbow grease.

After I have scrubbed the tub. I spray it down with the vinegar. This takes care of the white residue that can get left over by the baking soda and gives the shower a nice shine as the vinegar is great for polishing porcelain and glass.

Then it’s on to the toilet and then the sink, which J manages to make a mess of every day shaving. Each station in the bathroom has their own loofah and I just throw them in with my laundry when I finished cleaning. It’s that easy. The two wash cloths are just for dusting and polishing after the vinegar spritz. I wouldn’t mind adding some essential oils to this when our budget allows, but for now this has been our tried and true, eco-friendly, budget friendly way to clean a bathroom and really know it’s clean and fresh. Then I pulled out all the contents of our bathroom cupboards and completely reorganized everything under the sink. It was a job well done.

The best part about it is when the bathroom was complete J was almost done with the kitchen top to bottom cleaning. He even de-cluttered and organized the stuff on top of the cabinets, the two top shelves inside the cabinets, and the two other drawers that we hadn’t gotten to, plus he had already de-cluttered the living room and reorganized a shelf on the book shelf!!I couldn’t believe my eyes, I was seriously impressed. I did the vacuuming, he swept the kitchen and we were finished!

So finally the kitchen and bathroom are almost at perfection. We still need to find a few containers here or there so that everything has a home. And or course figure out what we are going to do since we lack a a lenin closet.

Update: The tense in the post is all over the place. I should really come back and edit it to make it more readable and I will. I promise. Someday.

ta ta for now,



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