Knittin’ Dishies

Back in May I bought 6 skeins of this crazy blue yarn from the Salvation Army for a $1.00 and it is 100% cotton which is why I snatched it up. I am always looking for a 100% yarns and what a deal. I left the store with dreams of knitting amazingly lovely cotton everything. However it just sat there in my stash for months.
Till last night. In a bout of insomnia I decided to pull out the ugly blue yarn start knitting some garter stitch wash cloths on the diagonal. Only trouble is the yarn is so thin that it forced me to use some of my smallest needles so the gauge would be alright. That means I have like a million stitches to go. I think next skien I am going to knit a pair of ugly blue socks. At least then I can justify four thousand stitches.

Also this is where I found my pattern, Major Knitter – Basic dish rag, though this same pattern is all over the internet!

That’s me in my jammies! In the winter I wear my P.J.s 24/7. As soon as I get home I put them on!

ta ta for now!



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