A photo a day challenge.

To help me become an awesome blogger I am starting the 365 Photo a day Challenge through 365project. Which challenges you to take at least one photograph a day and post it. What a great way to get things started, to get into good habits, and to share.

Pictured at the top are two gorgeously tasty loaves of bread I made today. They are made from 100% whole hard wheat, with golden raisin, medjool dates, and dried figs and lovely sunflowers seeds on top.

I am on a real fruit kick with my breads lately and James and I are eating it like crazy people. I added some chinese five spice, cardamom, cinnamon and nutmeg to the dough and reduced the sugar to only the 1 tbsp of brown sugar I fed the yeast, plus a half tbsp more into the mix. That’s for the two loaves of course which I mixed at the same time in my handy-dandy Kitchen Aid Stand mixer. I don’t know how I lived without it. I do a lot of baking, but I also use it for a ton of other things when I am being lazy.

Here are some of the ways I use my stand mixer beside traditional baking:

  • I use it to whisk eggs and milk for Sunday morning omelets with my whisk attachment. I then slowly add in the chopped veggies so it’s no mess.
  • I use the batter attachment to break up toasted bread into bread crumbs (I cut them into cubes first.) This also works with gram crackers to make pie crusts!
  • When I want to make hot chocolate from scratch I heat up my chocolate bars in my double boiler and add it to the warmed milk into the bowl of my mixer. I use the whisk attachment to really mix everything. After it’s had a good whisk, I give it a bit more heat and it’s done.
  • I use the batter attachment to shred up chicken breast to make chicken salad or casseroles for James and other meat eaters. You could probably do the same for pork, but James is only a bacon kind of guy and can live without the rest of the pig.

And voilà! My photo for the day.

Also if you are new to the blog check out first my entry on why I created this blog.    <<I will have a hand made life>>


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