Close Up.

Okay, okay. So maybe my face isn’t as interesting as food, but we gots to mix it up a little. James snapped this pic while we were out attempting to go on an afternoon walk. The melty snow/rain made it a little ridiculous and we ended up turning back pretty soon as we were quickly soaked through and freezing. This is my first attempt at a style post or a what I wore post.

The whole shebang:

The dress and the coat are thrifted. The coat is a gray wool pea coat. The dress looks handmade and there are no tags. I took up the bottom hem and slightly bubbled it to add some character. It has great collar detail, but it was far too cold and wet to remove the coat. Though I did try. The gloves came from the dollar store. My boots are Target circa 2008 I believe. The three scarves are a mix of a lost and found black, an old roommates rainbow scarf, and a lovely red pashmina which was a gift in ’08 from my Aunt. The tights are just a pair of purple tights with nude colored fish-nets over top. My favorite thing to do, style wise. Truly I just love fish-nets and own a billion pairs in a million colors.

It’s now storming and windy outside. Thank goodness we turned back when we did, or we’d be miserable.


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