Lovely and savory corn chowder

Everybody needs a warm cozy meal now and again, especially when it’s freezing rain and snowing outside. I’ll let you in on how I made it.

You will need:
  • One diced russet potato. If you like them skinned go ahead it’s up to you.
  • One medium yellow onion chopped or diced. Again let preference lead you.
  • Three cups of frozen or fresh corn.
  • Three cups 2% milk.
  • One cup broth or water, with a litt extra for thinning later.
  • Two tbsps veggie, olive oil, or butter. Personally I love butter.
  • Two tbsps flour. I use whole hard wheat, use your preference.
  • Salt and pepper

In a boiler or preferred soup pot sauté your onions on medium high heat with the oil/butter until they start to become glossy and clear.Turn down the heat, so’s not to burn the milk, whisk in your milk and two tbsps of flour. Whisk till they are well incorporated. Then add in your corn and potatoes. Add in one cup of broth/water and save the other cup incase you need more liquid. Turn the heat back up slightly till chowder begins a soft simmer, don’t turn too high as you don’t want to burn the milk. Cover and simmer, checking back often to give it a stir and to make sure the milk isn’t burning or over boiling. You may need to skim the top occasionally. Once it is a nice thick consistency and potatoes are done, use a hand blender or separate a bit of the chowder and purée it with your blender or food processor till you reach desired consistency, whether you like creamy or whole kernels, add that back into the main pot.   I like my mixto be half and half. At the very end I usually add in a little bit of the extra broth to thin it out a bit. Salt and pepper to taste.

Keeps and reheats well. Freezes fantastically.

Another option is to add in chopped bacon, carrots, and celery while sautéing the onions. Really what ever you have available can and should go in this cozy chowder. Add in ham chunks, left over turkey, or chicken if you are a meat eater like my hubs. Also adding in a spoonful of brown sugar adds a lovely little sweet kick that pairs with the savory well. Don’t forget a lovely piece of homemade bread as this chowder is excellent for dipping.

Also if you are new to the blog check out first my entry on why I created this blog.    <<I will have a hand made life>>


2 responses to “Lovely and savory corn chowder

  1. I like the optional additions you’ve listed at the end – I’d go for those too!

    • That’s the great thing about this soup, it can morph into anything you want. And it’s affordable as well. You can also exchange the 3 cups milk for evaporated milk, which is sometimes a cheaper alternative.

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