Self Love

We all know February is the month of love. It get’s a bit cheesy out there in the material world. So this month I am all about promoting self-love, taking care of yourself, and growing a more positive self-image. It’s important to take time to remember and cherish yourself. Today I want to share with you some ways I bring it back to me.
Six ways to take care of yourself through out your day:

Slow down.
Through out your day stop and take a minute to close your eyes and just breathe deeply. Think of the breaking ocean waves, think of the wind rustling through a forest, or of the quiet lapping of a lake against a dock. Even if all you have is 60 seconds, sit quietly at your desk, sneak out into the hall, enjoy the empty break room. Just take back that one moment, let only calm and sincere thoughts arise, erase all stress and burden, and retreat to a soft and quiet place inside yourself. These 60 seconds are yours and only yours.

Take a walk.
Enjoy a walk, alone with yourself. Get off the bus a block early, decide not to take the train, take the path through the park instead. Let nature and the city surround you, allow yourself to smile at the passers-by, slow your step, find joy and a bask in it. Whether it’s a childhood memory, the taste of moist red velvet cake and freshly ground coffee, or of spending time with friends.

Get more sunlight.
Wake up early and open all the curtains. Our bodies wake up faster, are more alert, cognitive, the sooner we come in contact with the suns rays. Sit on a sunny park bench during your lunch hour, or by the window at a restaurant. Take thirty minutes to enjoy the sunset from a local observatory point. Read a book in the later afternoon, cuddled on pillows by the window.

Aroma therapy.
Really truly stop and smell the roses. Visit a flower shop just to unwind in natures sweet smells. Take time to enjoy the smell and the flavors of your favorite cup of coffee.

Enjoy the quiet.
Spend 20 minutes alone and in silence. Turn off the cell phone, the iPod, iPad and find a nice quiet place to sit. Internalize your thoughts and think about setting some goals, for the day, the week, the month. Goal setting is a personal and up lifting process. Simply the process of thinking and setting goals stimulates positive endorphins. Enjoy the simple pleasure of these moments.

Appreciate your body.
When getting dressed for your day, think positively. Give yourself compliments. Add something you love to your outfit. Appreciate your wrinkles, your eyes, your smile. Say something nice to yourself in the mirror. Embrace your true individuality and enjoy that you are you.

I feel it’s important for all human beings to take the time to appreciate themselves and especially their bodies. There is so much self-abuse in our world today. It’s a shame that our society encourages this and it’s our job as people to stop the hate within ourselves. As cheesy as this may sound, loving yourself is the first step to loving others. Thanks for stopping by. I truly appreciate you taking the time to read this. And remember, you are loved.

For further reading on a similar topic this month check out Amy Morby’s blog A is for Ampersand.

I hope you have a lovely Monday,


2 responses to “Self Love

  1. What a beautiful post! I am having a challenging month and think these are excellent tips. Thank you.

    • Thank you Tammy! It’s always important to stop and remember ourselves. I do hope that taking a few moments for you this month helps you to conquer and surpass your challenges. Thank you for stopping by.

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