Feb 7th Tuesday Etsy up-cycled Round up

Today is recycling day and I’ve scrounged up some repurposed and recycled etsy goodies to share with you. Here is my top 10 for this week:

This is an adorable dress. I keep dreaming of warmer weather and would love to romp around some nice green grass in a beautiful and comfy dress like this.


Gorgeous reclaimed barn wood was used to make this modern style coffee table and isn’t it stunning with its hair pin legs?


I am absolutely in love with this amazing mirror decorated with recycled magazines.


This sweater coat pattern blows my mind. I love the rainbow, but I am sure it’d be stunning in all your favorite colours as you can purchase the pattern and make it yourself. So cool.


This bracelet is pretty futuristic and wicked. It’s made of recycled and  found objects. I bet it shoots lazers too.


These pretty green glass earrings are made from recycled coke bottles. So cool.


This shirt is from my friend Serra’s Etsy shop. She screen prints on no longer loved t-shirts and gives them new life.


I could just die these sweater shorts are so adorable. I love the pattern, so cozy. Love them with the tights.


These cups are made from glass wine and beer bottles. I love the variation in hues.


Love this chandelier made from repurposed hardwood floor. So sophisticated, yet simple.



7 responses to “Feb 7th Tuesday Etsy up-cycled Round up

  1. Those glass wine bottles are awesome, I love the colour too.

  2. oh I LOVE those lights in the last pic…so inspiring

  3. i need a pair of sweater shorts in my life! and a magazine mirror, and coke bottle earrings…great finds!

  4. Hi Hillary

    Thank you for featuring our shorts in this awesome collection. Such beautiful finds and just shows what a great imagination can do:).

  5. The mirror is awesome :-)

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