A week in review February 5th through the 11th

This past week was really lovely. James and I got to spend quite a bit of time with each other and it was just all around a productive week. Here is my last week in review.

1. I sold my first local item from my Etsy Shop to someone in the Kingston area.

2. I wrote my first tutorial ever.

3. I learned something new about photography – using a piece of foam board to bounce natural light from Creature Comforts blog.

5. I also learned that figuring out a cookie recipe that only exists in your mind is really hard, requires lots of patience, test trials, and where the hell am I going to put all those cookies? In the process learned to make jam and made my first batch  of straw berry jam ever.

6. James and I went thrift shopping at the VV Boutique (Value Village,) and both found things we loved. Me shoes and a velvet jacket, James books and an ugly sweater to add to his collection.

7. James beat me at The Game of Life by two and a half million dollars. Geeze.

8. We enjoyed a walk through the lovely soft dusting of snow Saturday afternoon, and nearly froze to death.


2 responses to “A week in review February 5th through the 11th

  1. Looks cold! Just like it was last year, at your wedding. Anniversary is coming up soon, isn’t it?

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