One month from today.

In one month from today is James and I’s first wedding anniversary. That puts almost seven and a half years of love behind us. I truly cannot believe it has been that long.

It seems just like yesterday we were having our first date out at Macintosh wild life reserve in little old Whitesburge Georgia and we had our first kiss – I slipped and fell into the Chattahoochee River. James, not knowing I was an excellent swimmer, jumped into save me. We had our first kiss on a rock in the middle of the river. Of course we were soaking wet and smelled like fish, but hey it was still pretty romantic.

Over the next month I have a lot of beautiful things planed as a sort of tribute to our lives together. Today a little montage of ourselves then to now.

James and Hillery circa 2005

At Hillery's Senior Prom 2006

Fourth of July 2007 with pals Lillian and Caroline.

Outside the studio in Peterborough 2008. James is telling me a corny joke.

New Years 2009

At the round house in the lovely January of 2010

Our Wedding March 2011


2 responses to “One month from today.

  1. awwwww u guys are so adorable!!!! love all the pics =)

  2. sarah@antidote_studio

    So sweet!

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