Tea biscuits and home made strawberry jam.

Over the weekend I attempted to write and test a cookie recipe that had been floating around in my head. After three attempts and 2 pounds of cookie dough I gave up. To get anywhere close to the cookie I wanted I’d have to follow a pre-existing recipe that wasn’t anywhere close to the idea in my mind. It’s kinda the pits really, but alas someday the chocolate covered strawberry sugar cookie will exist.

After running all those tests I found a recipe that I thought I’d like to try for a light breakfasty cookie that would be especially good smothered in butter and homemade strawberry jam.

I based the recipe off this one found here. I only modified it slightly by adding a less flour about two and a half cups (I was using whole wheat instead of white, we really like our fiber!) and I added two tbsps extra butter. This makes for a very mild biscuity cookie. Perfect as a breakfast accompaniment.

To make the jam first put two saucers in the freezer. You will need these for your gel test. Also make sure you are boiling your jars and your lids in a separate pot at the same time. Even if you aren’t planning on processing them in a water bath the jars should be sterile. Then mash your frozen strawberries with a wooden spoon or a mixer. I let my strawberries thaw in my mixing bowl on the counter for about 30 minutes and then used my stand mixer to break them up. If using a stand mixer I suggest starting on a low speed and then move up to four otherwise the strawberries might try to make a run for it. Next add the mashed strawberries, sugar, and lemon juice to a heavy bottom pot, stir till well combined. Start heating the mixture on a low temperature. I start at about setting two and then slowly work my way up as the sugar melts and making sure to stir periodically. I also never leave the stove.

Once the sugar is completely melted slowly turn your heat up till you get just at a rolling boil. Stirring all the time. Watch as the jelly begins to thicken and make sure it is not boiling too hard. You want it to be at about 280/90 degrees  F and remember the longer you boil the stiffer your jam will be. I like a nice soft jam so I only boil for about 8 minutes or so.

To conduct the jell test simply spoon a little jam onto one of the saucers and set it back into the freezer for a minute. The jam is ready to be jarred when you can run your finger through it with out the jam pouring back in on its self. If it’s not quite there boil a little longer and then test again.

I didn’t process these in a water bath, but simply flipped the jars upside down for the first five minutes after filling which sealed the jars enough for the fridge.

For those cookies roll out that dough and  grab your heart-shaped cookie cutter. I did not have one so I made one by cutting both ends from a tuna can and shaping it into a lop sided heart. I love the character. This cookie would be delightful for a sweet Valentiney, lovey dovey, morning breakfast for you and your beau to share cuddled up in bed. Just don’t work too hard, relax, except the day as any other love filled day, and enjoy it!

p.s. another fun thing to do with soft strawberry jam is mix a little into a glass of milk for strawberry milk or into yogurt. Yum!


6 responses to “Tea biscuits and home made strawberry jam.

  1. so pretty! looks delicious too! :) xoxo B

  2. These look gorgeous! Nicely done!

  3. The heart shaped biscuits look adorable, even if your original plan didn’t go so well :)

    And don’t worry… you aren’t the onyl one who fails in the kitchen when trying their own recipes. I once tries marshmallow cookies and they just grew and grew and grew.. I ended up with one giant cookie that covered my whole tray.. eek

  4. beautiful biscuits =) I wish I was able to make homemade jam!!!

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