I love snail mail and was so excited to receive this precious card with goodies in the mail yesterday from my cousin Melissa.

Back in January I rounded up a few of my crafty girl friends to do a swap with me. I ended up having four ladies interested and now is around the time that we should all be receiving our swap envelopes. The challenge was to keep things small and affordable by only creating items that can fit into an envelope and be mailed no hassle.

Melissa is a very experienced swapper and has been swapping for years on craftster. Do you see that adorable personalized artist trading card? Aren’t her embroidery skills incredible? It’s so beautiful and sweet, I just love the tree trunk. I also love the tiny granny square bracelet. The colors are just perfect, I don’t think I’ll ever take it off.There is also the precious tiny heart garland.

When I saw it I knew exactly what to do.

Wear it as a crown. (:

Melissa is just so crafty and her talents are endless. If you are in the Atlanta area, you should totally check out her booth at the Wedding Day Hooray! Craft fair coming up on the 18th, and be sure to check out her adorable etsy shop, the Dot.

As for the rest of my day, I am working on some orders that came in from my etsy shop on Monday. One is for a very dear friend and I am trying to make it extra special. Other than that I am just cuddled up with my kitty, Nori, in my flannels, on the couch watching internet TV while I craft.

For lunch I made spicy peanut chow mein with broccoli and garlic. I also made homemade humus for snacking with date bread as I finally remembered to pick up some tahini at Terra’s yesterday.

My goal for this week: is to take lots of pictures and get a lot of play time with lighting. I do hope the sun comes out to play tomorrow so I can take much better photographs with my silly little power shot. I really need to find the battery charger to my Nikon 5700. It’s a fantastic camera, but I haven’t been able to use it since we moved. I am a master at misplacing important things.

Something new I started this week: Actually doing the 15 minute Body Rock work outs. Once you get over their cheesy photography then you realize their work outs are really good and you don’t need any equipment as they do loads of variations.

Something silly about myself: I really enjoy breaking out dancing to this MC Yogi remix in my living room when I am the only one at home.

I also love my new shoes. A six dollar score from Value Village over the weekend.

I hope you have a lovely day.


2 responses to “Valen-tiny

  1. Cute shoes! You are inspiring the (not so) crafty side in me. Cute stuff!

  2. sarah@antidote_studio

    What a super cute package of goodies. I’ve always wanted to do swaps, but I’m too chicken!

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