Thought book DIY

Have you ever had a really amazing idea and then forgotten about it before you had the chance to write it down? Well never again!

Here is a quick little DIY “thought” book you can whip up in less than an hour to jot down all those incredible ideas. Simply equip it with a pen, if you are like me you will need to secure the pen to it so you don’t lose the pen! Stick it in your bag or clutch and there you have it, a little mobile creative space. (:

You need: an old greeting card, some card stock, some notebook paper, and some scissors. You also need glue, a needle and thread, and something sharp like an awl or if you don’t have an awl you can carefully use a sewing machine needle like I did.

Simply cut down the notebook paper to fit your greeting card, and fold in half. Poke holes with your awl or sharp needle being very, very, careful not to poke yourself. Then sew through all the holes several times. If you want to add more color cut your card stock into two pieces to fit on the front and the back and glue into place, but if you have a pretty greeting card you can skip that step. I even glued in a ribbon book mark and some velvet ribbon on the spine. Have fun, get creative!

They are the perfect size for a clutch, pocket, or purse, and are so so precious. Hopefully they will help me keep up with all of those random inspirational moments while I am out walking around town.

Do you keep a journal? A dream book? What are some other ways you keep up with your inspirations and ideas. If you’d like to, share in the comments below.

I hope you had a beautiful day. I am off to get ready for bed. Sweet dreams.


5 responses to “Thought book DIY

  1. This is such a cute and novel idea. A lot more unique than the standard moleskin notebooks you usually get. check it out

  2. Aww this is a really cute tutorial, and a great idea!


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