Dress Up

Playing dress up this afternoon with a head-dress I made for a friend last night and pretty soft rose, Sweet Honey, lipstick by Clinique with their Grape tinted Superbalm over top. I like Sweet Honey, but my favorite was Black Honey which you can now only get in their almost lipstick.

I actually don’t wear lipstick very often. I wear it to dinner parties sometimes, and I wore it on my wedding day, but for the most part, I just go bare. In fact I don’t actually wear make up at all. I don’t even own foundation, pressed powder, or concealer. I like a little blush and eyeliner, now and then, but for the most part I leave my face alone.

Guess what, I don’t even own a single make-up brush or a hair dryer. Not that I don’t want to. I would enjoy having a few tools for those moments when I want to get dolled up. I just have a hard time forking out the money for those sorts of things and they aren’t really important to my day to day. I never blow dry or straighten my hair and I never wear very elaborate make up. That’s just me.

I seem to be channelling my inner genie with this photo. “I will grant you three wishes!”

It’s a lazy Saturday and with the snow fall this morning I have basically barricaded myself indoors. It is one of those days perfect for hot chocolate and a scrabble marathon. We made basmati and a beautiful spicy dhal for lunch, perfect cozy food. I am feeling happy and satisfied and ready to defeat James at scrabble!

Have a lovely Saturday,


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