Improv is the best

This week has really been amazing so far. I really plunged head on into my challenge to get out of the house and meet people. 

Back in January, anxious to get involved and to stop spending my days home alone (I am a hermit if you hadn’t noticed,) I started perusing local blogs and community websites trying to find a theater group to get involved in and I came across the Kingston Improv Games website. It seemed like a promising place to inquire about local theatrics because as it turns out it is a regional competition for high school Improv teams. I decided I would ask on their facebook page about something for young adults, and alas no, there was no information to be had…Still time moved on and we fast forward to Monday, this week. I just happened to see in my news feed, oh you know because I did ‘Like’ them on ol’ facebook, that the Improv Games were tomorrow, as in Tuesday. I took a leap and asked if they needed any last-minute volunteers and they totally did.

So I showed up, and I went back last night, and I will be going back tonight and tomorrow, and Saturday for the finals. Yay! I am no longer a hermit, but wait. All these months of hermitdom means nothing but the comfies have come out of the closet.

I can honestly say that I have probably spent the majority of my time since and leading up to Christmas in my pajamas. So much so that my Mother in law got me p.j.s for Christmas because I told her I needed a new pair.

So I have jumped out of the box and I am having so much fun wearing people clothes again and get this, when I wake up I am so excited about my day it’s ridiculous. I  literally dance around the apartment like a crazy person. I know my downstairs neighbors definitely hate me now if they didn’t before. I am also singing in the shower again and full of so many creative ideas that I can’t write them down fast enough. I have DIY’d up a storm slowly changing everything I own into something slightly different that I own.

The only bad news in this is…My camera has disappeared. Just packed up and left on Saturday. I simply took out the batteries to charge them and haven’t been able to find it since. And yall, my apartment is small. So while I have no photo evidence of me stepping out of my box and back into the world. I now have this. I am so happy to have finally just done it. Just gone through with it and stepped out that door. For too long I let winter and being new to town be an excuse for not getting out there and just talking to people. Grant it with this group I probably look the youngest, but am actually the oldest. But they are so much fun and so loving, and accepting of one another, and most of all they have truly created a supportive environment with no pressure. I think it has something to do with being Canadian. They are kind of a super ‘race’ when it comes to kindness and understanding. Really, I grew up in the harsh south and everyday I am amazed up here.

My only hope this little self-experiment is that I can get even more involved in my community. One new friend even suggested volunteering to coach a team sport for young kids. Which honestly had never crossed my mind. I’d never given myself the support to do something like that, but when she said it, it was like for the first time, I allowed myself, to say “You could totally do that, you don’t have to be the authority on sports to do that.” I have made up excuses for too long and now it’s really time to get out there and have an active role in my own life!

Thanks for your ear,


3 responses to “Improv is the best

  1. So cool, good for you, Hillery! I need to do more of that in my own hometown.

  2. sarah@antidote_studio

    Oh my gosh, I feel like you were describing me! Except that I’d never set foot in an improv theater (other than a paying customer), but the hermit, jammies, new town, wanting to get out of your shell…yep, that’s me! Way to bust it out! :-)

  3. Wow, so brave of you! Keep it up – stepping out (as painfully scary as it can be) can only do wonderful things for you!

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