Sunday Sew You #1

It’s a beautiful and sunny Sunday. James and I are just about to head out to do some thrift shopping as there is a 50% sale at Value Village tomorrow and we are part of their rewards plan so you get to go in a day early.

Heres a little refashion I found to share with you to make your afternoon brighter, what with us all pining for spring and all. You can simply click on the pic or anyone of the links below to be taken to the blog.

This little tutorial for this draw string cami is from a fantastic little blog, Sew knit Me. She doesn’t post all too often, but when she does you can be sure it’s going to be a lovely and stylish refashion or a super incredible complete build from scratch like her pretty floral corduroy bog in this pic.


2 responses to “Sunday Sew You #1

  1. I hope you had success at Value Village today – I was just showing all my best GF’s my big VV find from this week – I’ll try to get them up on the blog at some point but it was SO my day! Can you say shoes? Ya!

    • Our trip was glorious! I found lots of lovely craft supplies and fabric/slash sheets as well two new sweaters and three new scarves to add to my collection! James als found some stylish jeans, a new hoodie, and several books. Can’t wait to share what I am making with all this fabric. I truly found some goodies.

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