Background noise.

Over on My girl Thursday’s blog this morning she and Elicia from LoveElicia asked what crafters/bloggers around the bloggespher like “hearing” in the background while they are crafting or blogging or doing their thing. Do you watch TV or listen to music, craft with you kids playing, at the doctors office?

First off I craft everywhere. I have found it is best for me to take something to work on anywhere I go. Otherwise I fall into boredom and loose my mind. I am also kind of uncomfortable reading books in public, odd I know. I don’t mind knitting, making a friendship bracelet, drawing, or just scribbling in my ideas journal instead.

At home, how I feel that day really reflects what I listen to or watch in the back ground while I am crafting. But most part, I am a watcher. Especially when I am power crafting and pushing through some ordered pieces for my Etsy, as there is so much sewing involved in what I do I like to have some distraction somedays. Other days I like total silence and get into the rhythm of the refrigerator buzzing.

I like to watch family dramas and rom coms. That’s right, that’s my mindless television. I like to be able to follow the plot and get to know the characters without having to watch their every move. Todays advertisements super annoy me, so we don’t have cable and I often stream or watch on Netflix.

While I am blogging its a slightly different story. I’ll usually put on my favorite playlist, something fun and up beat like Blondie or classic Madonna or a brand new album from a band I’ve just heard about. But I also really enjoy listening to supposed “oldies” when I am blogging because it’s comforting and familiar to me. I listen to a lot of Elvis, The Beatles, Yes, The B52’s, The Monkey’s, Pink Floyd. Pretty much everything my parents played in the car when we went on road trips, that way I still have opportunities to belt out the chorus. As belting is key to my blogging experience.

I stream a lot of my music through Grooveshark, but I also have quite an extensive music library that I have built up trading music with people over the years. That’s my favorite way to find new to me music, though lately the internet has become my friend in this venture.

Though sometimes I just like listening to the CBC 1. The talk radio channel. It’s so good.

What’s your noise of choice?


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