An ode to my favorite go to outfit

So with my camera lost I am trying to be creative about what I am posting without posting the same sort of posts. This week I will mostly be posting borrowed photos and/or some little graphics I have been doing up. Busy putting final touches on my new Boho series for my Etsy shop and can’t wait to share it with you mid March!

Here is a little photo montage based off of my favorite outfit. Once my camera shows up again I will take an actual photo of my stunning self in this excellent curation of style and elegance.

all photos are linked back to their original source.


On top, a vintage patterned button up, my actual favorite shirt is navy and covered in ducks, a colorful vintage wool paisley scarf, with a chunky ivory cardy. On bottom, a suede leather skirt over muted gray tights and slouchy fringe boots. Accessorized with gold bangles, a knitted cuff, and various pieces of homemade jewelry and ribbon. Everything but my boots are thrifted, and I don’t actually have those goregeous boots from Minnetonka, my boots are from Target around 2008.

Random fashion quirk: I love to mix shades of brown in the same outfit.


2 responses to “An ode to my favorite go to outfit

  1. I like that you have a favorite outfit. Love the boots – they look so comfy.

  2. I have a few of these go to outfits…always with scarves, always with boots, always with cardis..ah, I love cool weather dressing. Looking forward to seeing it!

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