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Spring Arts & Craft Swap

Gearing up to host another craft swap. The last one was such a success and it’s got me so excited to host another one!

I thought I would extend the invitation to the blogosphere. So join in the fun. All craft and art levels welcome!

Let me know if you want to be a part of this by commenting on this post be sure to leave your e-mail so I can get in touch with you!
Do you have facebook? Would you like to join the official Swap Group where you can find the guidelines for this month’s swap? Click here to be taken to the Swap Group Page.
If there is enough interest everyone will get a random partner otherwise you’ll just be swapping with me!
I am really excited to organize another swap and hope to be able to document the groups progress on the blog.

Swaps are a great opportunity to take a little quality time for yourself and  use your talents to create something beautiful and special for another person. The experience is so gratifying and it is also very exciting to get a little gift in the mail!

Partners will be randomly chosen and posted (if there is enough interest, otherwise your swap partner will be me!) in the Swap group as well as on the blog on April 11! Super excited!

Have a lovely Saturday!


Tutorial Round Up – March 31 2012

Whooo! This sure is a long awaited post. I just love crafty tutorials and love searching out new and amazing designs and projects around the blogosphere. It’s quite exhilarating.

Remember you can click through the images to the tutorials.

 Pretty Patchy Paper lanterns by Lola Nova….1. These ‘Pretty Patchy Paper Lanterns’ are made using scrap fabric and card stock. I love how versatile the project can be depending on what scraps you have lying around. Tutorial and images via: Lola Nova
 2. Aren’t these painted camera straps great? I am in need of a new camera strap for my old Nikon and I this DIY is really inspiring me to make my own! Tutorial and images via: Design Love Fest

3. These cloud lights are incredible! They are made with a paper lanter, cotton batting, and flameless candles. I would love to make something like this to put over our guest bed or a reading knook. So whimsical; and everyone knows I love whimsy. Tutorial via: Wedding Nigh Image Via: Alexis Mires Flickr
4. Call me a sucker for everything tacky, but I love this necklace display made with faux antlers and silk flowers mounted on a reclaimed pallet. Tutorial and Images found via: A Beautiful Mess

5. Kinsey’s sandal revamp where she adds a simple leather fringe. Tutorial and image via: Sincerely Kinsey

6. I am a sucker for macrame. and love the neon cording against the white bowl. I have a ton of vases left over from our wedding and lots of black cording. I’ve got to make some of these to complete my dream of a hanging garden in our living room. Tutorial and image via: Refinery 29 Love that site.

Notice a trend? (:

Well besides the sandals – I just threw those in there because I am dreaming of warmer weather.

I really want to work on pulling my living room together this weekend. It’s in need of some real TLC and a spring make over! Do you have any projects big or small planned for the weekend? Any crafty plans? I am definitely making some time this weekend to get my craft on!

I hope you have a fun Friday night and beautiful weekend!

Through Hillery’s eyes

I got my new pair blue of glasses back in January, but put off sharing them. I was afraid you guys wouldn’t be ready for the truth – I have a weakness for tacky glasses. Who can blame me? If I am going to have frames on my face I want them to me make me happy.

While I should wear my glasses 24/7, I cannot fully commit. Sometimes I like to see my face without them, unfortunately, I can’t see much further. This is a battle I fight everyday. Tee hee (:

I started wearing glasses in the 7th grade, in response to… my 6th grade math teacher. She was a terribly loud, obnoxious woman who kept the air conditioning so low you’d have goose bumps – permanently – like,  for the rest of the day. Did I mention she despised me? I was not a bad kid, nor a bad student, I simply got on her nerves.

You see my assigned seat was at the very back of the classroom, and everyday I would raise my hand and ask to go to the black-board to copy the problems. She had this insane rule that you could only be at the board for 30 seconds, after which, she was free to run you over if you were in her way. Needless to say, I was almost always in her way.

Until, one beautiful spring day, when I scored the highest on the math placement test for the entire 6th grade. Yeah, that’s right, even higher than all the kids in the ‘advanced’ math class. I wasn’t ‘Math Super Star’ two years in a row in elementary school for nothing!

I was pretty amazed, but then again I have always considered myself a secret genius. Afterwards she was nice to me (as if she was the reason I scored so well), she even put her arm around me in the picture for the school bulletin board!
Bah, Middle school! Good riddance.

Because the experience of finding out that I needed glasses seemed like such a negative one, I decided that if I was going to need to them, then by golly, I was going to have the brightest pair I could find and have adorned many obnoxiously funky colored frames.

So, in January I was ecstatic to find these amazing and affordable (BIG) blue frames. They are just the perfect successor to my pink pair.

Nowadays, I feel quite confident with my terrible vision when sporting my rad glasses. They are a lot of fun and I love planning outfits around them.

It takes a lot of courage sometimes to embrace who we truly are, yet the benefits are immense. Once we begin embracing the little things it makes embracing the larger that much easier. Take the time to show yourself some love and flaunt what makes you happy!

Someday I’d like to own every pair of glasses in the world. No really. Lock up your glasses or they will be mine!


Inspiration and sharing…

I want to share a few things that I have found inspiring so far this week:

1. This video is incredible. 100 years of Style in 100 seconds.


2. I watched ‘My week with Marilyn’ Monday night and I was mesmerized. Michelle WIlliam’s performance was breath taking and I found myself falling in love with Marilyn and her complexities.  It’s a beautifully filmed and luscious narrative about coming to terms with who you are and learning how to be oneself. The cast is wonderful, the costumes stunning, and the acting superb. Needless to say I enjoyed the film immensely and recommend it to everyone.


3. I have listened to this song every free moment I have. My kid brother is having a pretty rough time. My Dad mentioned this song to me, we’ve always been Neil Young fans and this song really touches my heart right now and reminds me how beautiful my brother is. I miss him very much.


4. Was Mad Men beautiful this week or what? It’s been a long awaited premier and I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen this season. The wardrobe in this episode, oh my! Loved getting acquainted with everyone and seeing were they all are after 8 months of time has passed. Oh and where’s Betty? I was surprised not to see her, just wanted to catch a glimpse, but she’s barely even mentioned.  Matthew Wiener is keeping us on our toes – so glad SDCP is being pushed into the Civil Rights Movement. What a beautiful being to an exciting season!


Some images that have stopped me in my tracks:

1. Breath taking photograph of tulip fields below Mt. Hood. Entitled: Tulips Below the Volcano.  Photograph by Robert Crum on Etsy


2. The stunning and colourful terraced riced fields in Yunnan, China. Image via: National Geographic.


3. In love with this gorgeous Moth and Butterfly  collection. I find them absolutely fascinating. Image via: Whonever Tumblr. Though I hope to find another source for this image.


4. This incredible skirt made of Barbies. Talk about repurpose. From a really amazing flickr album by MarieHochhaus. Her photographs are just so beautiful.

Working on some more spring cleaning, really trying to get this apartment into tip-top shape. It is so tiny, just taking the time to organize and give everything a home makes it feel lighter, more open, and airy around here. So happy to have James home in the evenings as well. We had dinner with his Aunt and a friend at Darbar last night. We we didn’t go out to eat this much in all of 2011 as we have this March. There has been a lot to celebrate and our families have been very generous and kind to us. We have such wonderful families. In other good news I get to pick up my bike from the shop tomorrow! Yippie! Can’t wait to take her for a spin.

Super excited and having a great week so far!

Clever Plumage Featured in EF Magazine’s Designer Mosaic, a photoshoot

So this is very exciting! About two months ago I was contacted by Malorie, the editor and chief of Ottawa’s Ef Magazine an eco-fashion online publication, asked to feature some of my pieces in a photo-shoot they were putting together for spring. So I packed up some pieces and mailed them off to Ottawa for some fun. It’s finally published and I share the photo of my piece in the shoot!

Featured above is my Medusa piece made of four long 24 inch hand curled pheasant feathers. You can check out the rest of the photo shoot on their website Ef Magazine.

I really love the style and the amazing eco-fashions they featured. The hair on lovely ladies in this shoot is so pretty as well. The one style tool I wish I had is a crimper!

Also, love that floor!

10 things I love #2 – Small Spaces

1. love this cozy corner bed surrounded in books, asian artwork, and all the colorful mix-matched patterns. Image via: Apartment Therapy
2. how bout this kitchen with it’s reclaimed wood, drawers, and crates. I love it’s rustic sensibilities mixed with the stainless. That’s just lovely. Image via: Mossiere on Tumblr
3. although I don’t have any sweet babies of my own this little one’s loft is just so perfect. The designer did such a great job optimizing space and bringing in storage. I love the mix of wood stains too. Image via: the boo and the boy
 4. this tiny Paris apartment is so bright and cozy. Well organized as well with easy to find everyday items too. Love the bookcase bed divider. Image via: Decor8

5. This is my dream kitchen. Open shelving, art work, a deep porcelain sink and a tiny island. I am only sorry I cannot share a larger version of this image. Image via: My favorite and my Best

I am also in love with:

6. This tiny modern office space with a window reading nook. 
7. This gorgeous and well thought out bedroom.
8. This amazing small bed room and kitchen.
9. This adorable sleeping cupboard on Apartment Therapy.
10. This beautiful small and cozy outdoor space.


This weekend was a busy one. James is starting one job and finishing another. He is content to work everyday at both for the next two weeks.  Over the weekend we celebrated his birthday. We had a lovely little lunch in a whole in the wall Sicilian restaurant in our neighborhood. We split a Sicilian style pizza! Yum! And spent the rest of the afternoon shopping for board games. We are kind of board game fanatics who don’t actually have the pleasure of owning many board games. We also had a lovely pasta dinner with his Aunt last night, who is one of my most favorite people in the world! She’s amazing.

Well the sun is shinning and I’ve got some errands to run! I hope you are getting the chance to enjoy some time out of doors. So lovely.

Have a lovely day,


I’ve seen these post floating around the blogosphere lately and I thought it was high time I jumped on the band wagon. I have enjoy reading these types of posts and getting to see a little glimpse of the person behind the blog. Why not share a little tidily bit myself.

Summer fun at Omega Burning Person 2010: That is my favorite vest in the whole world.



Loving: Navajo and Indian influences. I think I will be stuck here forever. My fascination for Native American art, culture, and history is an ever growing one, since I was a child. My Mom’s dad is actually quite possibly full blood Cherokee. We are a little unsure of his lineage in some parts, but we know that his mother was definitely more than a little native and his father seemed to be full blood, though it’s his lineage we are really unsure about.
I have really enjoyed reading through my family tree on my father’s side, we are 9 generations Southern American farmers and hope to coordinate with my mom’s mom on getting something together for the other side of the family.

Thinking about: Growing my business, and learning all that I can about the world in which I am selling. I am thinking about going back to school and back into business. I would like to take some social media courses and marketing as well. Though what’s on my mind the most is wholesale. I have friends really urging me to get into physical shops and I really want to, but I want to do it at my own pace and have a rock solid online presence before venturing out into cold waters. Someday I would love love love to sell my items in boutiques, but what I would love even more it to sell them myself. Whether that is at a craft fair, or online, or someday in my own boutique. If in a few years I have a huge clientele base I can definitely see my self selling my craft in new ways and places, but while I am still a fledgling I kinda want to keep it all in the family. Maybe this is not the way to go, but it’s what feels right to me. To me it’s about being strong and fortified at home and then heading out for world domination.

Anticipating: True warm weather. It was so sunny and lovely for the first few days of last week and then it turned over cast and a bit chilly for the weekend. I still don’t mind it because it looks and smells like spring, but I really can’t wait for sunshine 24/7. City Park is basically our back yard and really want to spend all day reading in the sun and grilling out with fresh veggies and homemade casseroles. I love me some potlucks.

Wishing: I could travel. I have really been hankering to jump in an RV and road trip west till I hit the ocean. I also really want to drive through southern swamp country, there is something so comforting and surreal about it and I have been missing a bit of the South lately. I would also like to visit the Southwest and camp out in the desert. I am so intrigued by the history of the Hopi and Navajo natives and would really love to go experience the region and learn more. I think it would be an almost spiritual experience.

Eating: Homemade flax bread with the last of my strawberry jam. Though excited because I have been freezing mushy grapes to turn into jelly and that will be my next jam/jelly adventure.

Working on: Tons of new pieces for my Etsy shop. I keep thinking I am going to be finished and then I get another idea. I’ve been really inspired to do a collection that is completely focused around styles and designs I am really drawn to. A few months back I was working on a wedding collection, I was excited about the possibilities, yet I felt disconnected from my work and felt I was trying too much to prove that I could make something everyone would love instead of making items based off of the things I love. So I put that on hold, cancelled my photo shoot and have just been making what ever the hell I’ve wanted to. It’s been really liberating and inspiring and though I can’t wait to share them with the world, I am just sort of going with the flow right now; letting my creative self explore and have fun without the pressure of shop updates.

I’d love to hear what you are doing “Currently…” Let me know in the comments below or write your own “Currently… “post and link to it here so I can come find it and read it.

I sure hope you have a lovely day,