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There are 12 days until James and I’s first ever wedding anniversary. And although we have been together for nearly 7 years and having had quite a few anniversaries, we have never really celebrated them.

You see James doesn’t really consider himself a very romantic person, but what he really means by that is that he doesn’t like to give in to commercialism when it comes to celebrating. But this is a ruse because every year he says he hates birthdays and at the last minute will turn around and use it as an excuse to go out to diner and/or buy us something new. He does the same thing with Christmas. I think he is just trying to convince me the is just really “cool.”

The crazy thing is, he actually is really romantic. In the spring time he picks me little bouquets of weedy flowers, surprises me with picnics – he loves planning special meals for the two of us, and when I go to visit my folks in Georgia he always writes me the sweetest e-mails. I think he just likes to be spontaneous.

Okay so back to the wedding anniversary. For me, I feel that when you love someone it is super important to make them feel appreciated, humans are not appreciated enough in my book. I not only want James to know how much I love him, but to know how glad and happy I am that he is in my life. I am truly a lucky girl. So I’ve really got to knock it out of the park here on this first anniversary. He already boycotts Valentines Day hardcore. So here’s the deal, for the next 12 days leading up to our anniversary I am going to lay it on super thick, but on a budget so most of my ideas are free or just a few dollars. Here is some of what I have done and what I am planning:

  • I have written him 12 little love notes and in some included small tokens, like pressed flowers, feathers, a lock of my hair, a four-leaf clover from a few years back, a lucky penny, and a button from my blouse. In these letters I have sworn him to secrecy, that he’s not to speak of the letters till our anniversary night. That way I can really vamp up the fun. I have stamped and addressed them all and already put todays letter in the mail yesterday. Let’s hope it gets here.
  • I signed us up for the Kingston Symphony’s Under 30 club which he has been going on about for over a month, but still hasn’t signed up for. I have printed out our confirmation e-mail and hope that the cards get here next week. Now I just need to buy us tickets to a show, which are only 10 dollars for those in the club, incredible! I am going to include these things in the love notes if I they get here in time.
  • I payed his library fine and have checked out a book of poetry on his account which I am going to leave on his nightstand sometime this week.
  • I bought him some tiny treats: fireball cinnamon candies, a maple sugar square, some maple fudge, (the boy loves maple can you tell?) and I am making his favorite homemade ginger snaps.
  • I also wanted to get him something useful so ordered him more blades for his double sided razor. Probably going to shave his face for him at some point this week.
  • I have also decided a little thing I can do and make his coffee every morning. Some of you might think that seems a little odd that it doesn’t happen already, but seriously, I never make coffee in the morning. I don’t drink coffee! Gasp! I also get up before James so when he wakes up there is never coffee, but when I do make it he is absolutely elated. I didn’t know this was such a big deal to him till one day he blurted out during a stress-a- thon “how come you never make me coffee in the morning? I’d really like it if you made me coffee every now and then.” I’m going to throw in a southern style breakfast in there somewhere.
  • The Sunday before our anniversary I have set it up so we can borrow his parents car and go out to the sugar shack at the conservation area. We did this the day after our wedding with all of our family and it was so much fun. Pancakes and fresh maple syrup!
  • I want to make him a little flip book and a pocket note book for the paper tradition of a first wedding anniversary.
  • Lastly, I want to print out all the e-mails that we sent back and forth to each other throughout our first few months of dating, and put them in envelopes as keepsakes. They are so romantic and I love going back to read them, but that’s more for me than for him.

I am still looking for some tiny projects to make throughout the next two weeks leading up to our big night out. James’ Aunt has gifted us with dinner for two at probably the nicest restaurant here in town. So nice that James can wear his suit and can wear my little black dress and velvet shoes!

I’d love to hear your memories of your first anniversary and any fun projects or ideas for celebrating on a budget. Have a lovely day.



One response to “Insert Cheesy Title here

  1. Aw, Hillery, that’s so sweet. I love reading about you and James. You’re so great together. Love you and miss you.

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