A trip down memorie lane, new wedded bliss.

Photos from our bridal shoot with Apasia, and though the shoot was actually taken nearly a month after our wedding when the weather was warm and sunny these are some of my favorite photos from our wedding, the photos we took in the garden.

These photos are taken in the tiny, but luscious garden behind our apartment. James’ Aunt owns the building and has spent the last 25 years turning what used to be a gravel parking lot into a lovely, green, oasis.

My mother and I tea stained and embossed our wedding invitations. The actual card set is made by the Gartners Studio wedding collection at Michaels, where we got them on super sale, but of course I hated the stark white. I bought the envelopes at the Paper Source on a trip to Atlanta that January, had a printing company print and cut all the inserts and our fun RSVPs for $20 dollas total and we attached mixed spring flower seeds in vellum envelopes and quotes from Paradise lost on the back of each invitation.

My Aunt Sue has a home embroidery business and for our wedding gift, she embroidered all these vintage hankies to use as our wedding favors. The groomsmen and fathers all wore them as their pocket squares as well. They were a big hit and all of our friends and family truly love theirs.

[[[[[[you can buy a copy of this print on Etsy from Esty seller ajsterrett.]]]]]]]


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