This week’s dinner menu and mini series Eating alone: Introduction and the logistics of food snobbery

Most nights I eat alone since the hubs works evenings and usually eats there. I’ve been wanting to go into detail for sometime about how I do this and what I eat on a daily basis. So I have decided to put together a hitchhiker’s guide to eating alone. No seriously this is a how to on eating alone, all – by – yourself.

Eating alone: Introduction and the logistics of food snobbery

I am a real food-a-holic and semi-health food snob. This has lead me to making 97% our food from scratch. We don’t buy prepackaged anything, not even crackers or cookies. Though we do buy pre-made pasta that, frozen spinach, and juice to take up that little 3%.

This has a lot to do with the fact that our grocery budget is very very tiny and by tiny I mean 40 bucks tops most weeks besides our bi-monthly stock up budget with which we buy 22 lbs of flour, dry goods like nuts, dried fruit, onions, potatoes, and beans, we also grab a few other baking necessities, as well as toilet paper, kitty litter, and cat food.
How do we do it? Planning really and we do a fair bit of prep work, it pays off in the end, I promise and I’ll get to that.

It is absolutely possible to cook good, tasty, fast, quality food for one/two, on a tiny budget, and have very little food waste.

The best way to achieve this of course is to know what yields what when cooking and having the right containers and materials for packing/storing your food as well as taking the time to put it away and label it properly and it can all be done on a Saturday afternoon.

Be sure to check back tomorrow as I discuss these topics and share some tips and tricks of the trade in Eating alone: Part One – that’s too much effing food on your plate.

Have a lovely Monday and go get something accomplished!


3 responses to “This week’s dinner menu and mini series Eating alone: Introduction and the logistics of food snobbery

  1. Looking forward to hearing more!

  2. Love it! Soooo fun!

  3. wow!! I totally agree with u and I love to cook for myself =) thank u for sharing your thoughts!

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