Alternative ways to support Kony 2012 without supporting Invisible Children

The link below engages in dialog about the charity Invisible Children it has also listed some alternative African based charities that support the removal of Joseph Kony.

Visible Children on Tumblr a Critical look at Kony2012

You can of course support groups such as:

Aid for Africa

Helping Hands Uganda and

Breadline Africa

Which help build schools, clean water, provide food and medical attention, and support Ugandan women and families.

In my personal opinion all publicity is still publicity. I feel that the film Invisible Children released is a helpful tool in spreading the word about this situation. The beautiful thing is that humans get to choose how they support something like this and maybe invisible children is not right for you. Still I urge you to continue to spread the word about this situation in hopes that by educating our populous we can stop the violence against children and not just in Uganda, but everywhere.


One response to “Alternative ways to support Kony 2012 without supporting Invisible Children

  1. My sentiments exactly Hillery. If people are finding out who Joeseph Kony is that is good, if Invisible Children’s approach is best suited to them, then they are free to carry on, but there are plenty of people who are discerning enough to delve a little deeper and find out a bit more for themselves and then make an informed decision. Plus the number of voices speaking out against Invisible Children is a good thing too. I think it’s all a wonderful example of the connected world we live in, and is paving the way for how change can be brought about in the future, even if they maybe haven’t got it perfect this time around.

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