I’ve cancelled my regular programing to share this video with you KONY 2012.

I’ve cancelled my regular programing to share this with you.

End child slavery. It’s starts with us and it costs you nothing. All you have to do is share this video…on your facebook wall, on your blog, tweet it to your followers, text message it to everyone you know. Let’s help educate the world of this warlord’s crimes against humanity. Let’s make him famous and stop him from kidnapping and forcing children to fight in his army. We have to bring justice to the children of Uganda.

Watch this video. Share this video. Make a difference.

You can also sign the pledge to help stop Kony here: KONY 2012 “Sign the pledge to help us bring Kony to justice.”

You can donate to help the invisible children if you can by going here: Invisible Children

You can also purchase merchandise to help invisible children by going here: Invisible Children Merchandise


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