Repurpose Round up March 14, 2012

This weeks Etsy Repurpose Round up is a group of gifts for that studious man in your life. Click on the photo to open the Etsy listing in another window. I hope you enjoy!


A handsome laptop messenger bag made from repurposed men’s coats. From SewMuchStyle.


The perfect reusable sandwich bag made from organic cotton and recycled hemp for an on the go student. From TheHighFiberCo.


A gorgeous journal for keeping up with tests and for musing on a sunny day in the quad. From NaturesCubbyHole.


Every guy needs a little floppy disk note pad for jotting down to do lists and oh…phone numbers. From FishStikks.


Needs a schnazzy place to keep his money? How about a recycled Superman comicbook wallet. From bagswithhistory.


Aren’t these uber cool pencils? They are made completely from recycled paper. The best part…the color changes as you sharpen them. From writewithmoxy.

2 responses to “Repurpose Round up March 14, 2012

  1. Love the Stanley Blacker messenger bag!

  2. Sometimes I’m just amazed at the sheer amount of things that, for lack of a better way of saying it, can be remade into other things. Posts like this give me a lot of inspiration!

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