Black peach

Actually, I didn’t mean to post this, but here it is – my first ever polyvore creation.

Black peach

Truth be told. I would never pay this much for anything on this list. I can’t bring myself to spend so much of our hard earned dough on singular items.

I would however love to find versions of all these items in a thrift store. That would be a dream come true, actually.

I have a similar skirt already. I made myself a sheer black maxi from a curtain I bought in a grab bag at a yard sale 5 years ago in Carrollton. I was never quite sure what I was going to do with it because, as you might have noticed, black curtains aren’t really my style. However a black sheer maxi skirt is super fun, cool, and flowy.

Btw aren’t those salmony-velvety wedges amazing? I am kinda more in love with the idea of them than actually wearing them, but maybe some day.

Keep on smilin’ (:

Sources: Black peach by cleverplumage

Pink top
$71 –

Mango floor length skirt
£35 –

Dorothy Perkins coral wedge
$69 –

Zara genuine leather bag
$100 –

Madewell chain jewelry
$35 –

Tri color jewelry
$13 –

Miso stretch jewelry
£12 –

Zara black wide brim hat
$26 –

Vintage style sunglasses
$10 –

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