Inspiring Spring

I am so excited that Spring is finally here and my hermit-dom is over. Over night, tiny flowers peeked their heads out of the rich, dark soil and the birds moved back into their trees.

It’s got me baking up a storm; staying up late preparing loaves for fresh morning’s bread. The smell of yeast mixing with the night air is intoxicating.

I’ve also taken to drinking lemonade and having afternoon naps with all the windows open; falling asleep listening to the kiddies play in the school yard down the street and the ting of aluminum bats during baseball practices in the park.

The transition of spring is so inspiring and here in my new home it is  truly magical; as winter fades into spring before our very eyes.

Replacing winter coats are long, cool, evening walks as the sun fades and families are heading in for dinner. Replacing winter’s cozy nights by the fire are days lying in the cool grass watching the clouds roll on. Warm mits and winter boots are replaced with sunny sandals and afternoon spent doing nothing but reading on a shady park bench.

Best of all it’s time for immersing oneself in the slow warming of the earth and enjoying her sweet perfume. For getting out in the dirt, for sowing rows of gorgeous seedlings for summers harvest. Tasting sweet fruit and laughing with those you love.

Spring excites change and inspiration in our souls. Remember to let your creative spirit flow and let it guide your mind, hands, and your heart.

I hope you have a gorgeous day,


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4 responses to “Inspiring Spring

  1. Dreamy post! You’ve captured the best tactile experiences of spring. Absolutely gorgeous.

  2. Yay spring! I can’t wait for hikes and adventures outside with all the beautiful flowers and green leaves! Runaway Thrift is having a giveaway through March 29th, check us out!

  3. While we haven’t quite crossed over to spring weather here, this post is definitely getting me more psyched. LOVE IT!

    • The weather keeps playing trick on us here. It looks like Spring, but it’s been rather cold. It will still be until the end of April till it gets lovely and warm around here. Can’t wait to start my garden! Thanks for stopping by Chrystal!

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