I’ve seen these post floating around the blogosphere lately and I thought it was high time I jumped on the band wagon. I have enjoy reading these types of posts and getting to see a little glimpse of the person behind the blog. Why not share a little tidily bit myself.

Summer fun at Omega Burning Person 2010: That is my favorite vest in the whole world.



Loving: Navajo and Indian influences. I think I will be stuck here forever. My fascination for Native American art, culture, and history is an ever growing one, since I was a child. My Mom’s dad is actually quite possibly full blood Cherokee. We are a little unsure of his lineage in some parts, but we know that his mother was definitely more than a little native and his father seemed to be full blood, though it’s his lineage we are really unsure about.
I have really enjoyed reading through my family tree on my father’s side, we are 9 generations Southern American farmers and hope to coordinate with my mom’s mom on getting something together for the other side of the family.

Thinking about: Growing my business, and learning all that I can about the world in which I am selling. I am thinking about going back to school and back into business. I would like to take some social media courses and marketing as well. Though what’s on my mind the most is wholesale. I have friends really urging me to get into physical shops and I really want to, but I want to do it at my own pace and have a rock solid online presence before venturing out into cold waters. Someday I would love love love to sell my items in boutiques, but what I would love even more it to sell them myself. Whether that is at a craft fair, or online, or someday in my own boutique. If in a few years I have a huge clientele base I can definitely see my self selling my craft in new ways and places, but while I am still a fledgling I kinda want to keep it all in the family. Maybe this is not the way to go, but it’s what feels right to me. To me it’s about being strong and fortified at home and then heading out for world domination.

Anticipating: True warm weather. It was so sunny and lovely for the first few days of last week and then it turned over cast and a bit chilly for the weekend. I still don’t mind it because it looks and smells like spring, but I really can’t wait for sunshine 24/7. City Park is basically our back yard and really want to spend all day reading in the sun and grilling out with fresh veggies and homemade casseroles. I love me some potlucks.

Wishing: I could travel. I have really been hankering to jump in an RV and road trip west till I hit the ocean. I also really want to drive through southern swamp country, there is something so comforting and surreal about it and I have been missing a bit of the South lately. I would also like to visit the Southwest and camp out in the desert. I am so intrigued by the history of the Hopi and Navajo natives and would really love to go experience the region and learn more. I think it would be an almost spiritual experience.

Eating: Homemade flax bread with the last of my strawberry jam. Though excited because I have been freezing mushy grapes to turn into jelly and that will be my next jam/jelly adventure.

Working on: Tons of new pieces for my Etsy shop. I keep thinking I am going to be finished and then I get another idea. I’ve been really inspired to do a collection that is completely focused around styles and designs I am really drawn to. A few months back I was working on a wedding collection, I was excited about the possibilities, yet I felt disconnected from my work and felt I was trying too much to prove that I could make something everyone would love instead of making items based off of the things I love. So I put that on hold, cancelled my photo shoot and have just been making what ever the hell I’ve wanted to. It’s been really liberating and inspiring and though I can’t wait to share them with the world, I am just sort of going with the flow right now; letting my creative self explore and have fun without the pressure of shop updates.

I’d love to hear what you are doing “Currently…” Let me know in the comments below or write your own “Currently… “post and link to it here so I can come find it and read it.

I sure hope you have a lovely day,


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  1. Love this. I love what you’re anticipating and working on!

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