Inspiration and sharing…

I want to share a few things that I have found inspiring so far this week:

1. This video is incredible. 100 years of Style in 100 seconds.


2. I watched ‘My week with Marilyn’ Monday night and I was mesmerized. Michelle WIlliam’s performance was breath taking and I found myself falling in love with Marilyn and her complexities.  It’s a beautifully filmed and luscious narrative about coming to terms with who you are and learning how to be oneself. The cast is wonderful, the costumes stunning, and the acting superb. Needless to say I enjoyed the film immensely and recommend it to everyone.


3. I have listened to this song every free moment I have. My kid brother is having a pretty rough time. My Dad mentioned this song to me, we’ve always been Neil Young fans and this song really touches my heart right now and reminds me how beautiful my brother is. I miss him very much.


4. Was Mad Men beautiful this week or what? It’s been a long awaited premier and I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen this season. The wardrobe in this episode, oh my! Loved getting acquainted with everyone and seeing were they all are after 8 months of time has passed. Oh and where’s Betty? I was surprised not to see her, just wanted to catch a glimpse, but she’s barely even mentioned.  Matthew Wiener is keeping us on our toes – so glad SDCP is being pushed into the Civil Rights Movement. What a beautiful being to an exciting season!


Some images that have stopped me in my tracks:

1. Breath taking photograph of tulip fields below Mt. Hood. Entitled: Tulips Below the Volcano.  Photograph by Robert Crum on Etsy


2. The stunning and colourful terraced riced fields in Yunnan, China. Image via: National Geographic.


3. In love with this gorgeous Moth and Butterfly  collection. I find them absolutely fascinating. Image via: Whonever Tumblr. Though I hope to find another source for this image.


4. This incredible skirt made of Barbies. Talk about repurpose. From a really amazing flickr album by MarieHochhaus. Her photographs are just so beautiful.

Working on some more spring cleaning, really trying to get this apartment into tip-top shape. It is so tiny, just taking the time to organize and give everything a home makes it feel lighter, more open, and airy around here. So happy to have James home in the evenings as well. We had dinner with his Aunt and a friend at Darbar last night. We we didn’t go out to eat this much in all of 2011 as we have this March. There has been a lot to celebrate and our families have been very generous and kind to us. We have such wonderful families. In other good news I get to pick up my bike from the shop tomorrow! Yippie! Can’t wait to take her for a spin.

Super excited and having a great week so far!


7 responses to “Inspiration and sharing…

  1. Those last two pictures are amazing! The skirt? Awesome. Don’t you hate how hard it is to find image sources these days? It’s a shame, because I love the moth photo A LOT.

    • Yes! I find it absolutely frustrating. I googled for nearly an hour trying to find the original image, but to no avail.I love tumblr, but it really has made it terribly hard to find the sources of some amazing images! It’s on my keep trying list asI’d really like to source it properly. Thanks for stopping by Sadie!

  2. That was quite a collection of inspiration! I agree that the skirt is awesome. I put a couple of your photos on pinterest.

  3. Ahhhh, the tulip fields, announcing loudly to anyone who passes by that spring has come at last. :D

    • I know, so gorgeous! Do you see many on your bike rides?

      • The tulips in my garden are starting to bloom, and, when I ride around the city, one of my secret pleasures is checking other peoples’ gardens out. If you ride a lot, over a series of favorite routes, over the course of the year you’ll see a lot of change.

        But the Tulip Festival is going on, up in La Conner, which is a couple/few hours drive north of here. I’ve been planning to head up and do a long ride through the Skagit Tulip Flats, and I’ve got what should be a beautiful one planned out. But … the pull of the mountains has had a stronger hold on me.

  4. I can imagine the pull of the mountains is a great one. I grew up in the foot hills of the Appellations and so mountains have always called to me. Though, I perceive your interpretation of mountain and mine being two very different things. I have yet to have the opportunity to experience mountains of such greatness. Someday.

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