Through Hillery’s eyes

I got my new pair blue of glasses back in January, but put off sharing them. I was afraid you guys wouldn’t be ready for the truth – I have a weakness for tacky glasses. Who can blame me? If I am going to have frames on my face I want them to me make me happy.

While I should wear my glasses 24/7, I cannot fully commit. Sometimes I like to see my face without them, unfortunately, I can’t see much further. This is a battle I fight everyday. Tee hee (:

I started wearing glasses in the 7th grade, in response to… my 6th grade math teacher. She was a terribly loud, obnoxious woman who kept the air conditioning so low you’d have goose bumps – permanently – like,  for the rest of the day. Did I mention she despised me? I was not a bad kid, nor a bad student, I simply got on her nerves.

You see my assigned seat was at the very back of the classroom, and everyday I would raise my hand and ask to go to the black-board to copy the problems. She had this insane rule that you could only be at the board for 30 seconds, after which, she was free to run you over if you were in her way. Needless to say, I was almost always in her way.

Until, one beautiful spring day, when I scored the highest on the math placement test for the entire 6th grade. Yeah, that’s right, even higher than all the kids in the ‘advanced’ math class. I wasn’t ‘Math Super Star’ two years in a row in elementary school for nothing!

I was pretty amazed, but then again I have always considered myself a secret genius. Afterwards she was nice to me (as if she was the reason I scored so well), she even put her arm around me in the picture for the school bulletin board!
Bah, Middle school! Good riddance.

Because the experience of finding out that I needed glasses seemed like such a negative one, I decided that if I was going to need to them, then by golly, I was going to have the brightest pair I could find and have adorned many obnoxiously funky colored frames.

So, in January I was ecstatic to find these amazing and affordable (BIG) blue frames. They are just the perfect successor to my pink pair.

Nowadays, I feel quite confident with my terrible vision when sporting my rad glasses. They are a lot of fun and I love planning outfits around them.

It takes a lot of courage sometimes to embrace who we truly are, yet the benefits are immense. Once we begin embracing the little things it makes embracing the larger that much easier. Take the time to show yourself some love and flaunt what makes you happy!

Someday I’d like to own every pair of glasses in the world. No really. Lock up your glasses or they will be mine!



4 responses to “Through Hillery’s eyes

  1. I have MANY stories about teachers who scarred my fragile, teenage psyche… I’d rather tell you how fab’ your glasses pics look! Well cool!!! :-)

  2. Congratulations Hillery! You are the winner of the Studely Giveaway at Runaway Thrift! email me at with your mailing address so I can get the bronze and gold studs to you :-)

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