A long weekend in review

James and I really enjoyed the weekend. We got to spend lots of time together and lots of time outdoors. I am so glad the weather is finally warming up.

On Saturday I baked a cake for a trade I was doing on the local barter and exchange network. We have a fantastic set up here in Kingston and Saturday was my first trade. I baked my favorite flourless chocolate cake recipe, made with 100% dark chocolate, local butter, local eggs. I topped it with pretty raspberries and black berries. I wish I’d made one for myself! I also wish I’d had a camera to take some pictures, because it came out perfect. I traded the cake for a 3lb organic beef rib roast, some home grown rosemary and green onions. What a treat for James and our budget.

(You may not know this about me, but I am a ‘vegetarian’. Gasp! January was my Veggie Birthday and I turned 7, well my meat free self did.  I became a ‘vegetarian’ back in 2005 after spending 10 days at a natural Cobb building workshop and eating only vegan food. It was life changing and the perfect way to say good-bye to meat. I had already given up pork and beef so my transition was easy. I do still eat fish and eggs, hence the quotation marks around ‘vegetarian’. I will tell you more about that some other time.)

Boy, I’m a rambler today.

Saturday evening, James brought home a surprise from work; he had rented a camera for a test run. (On a side note, he just loves his new job and he’s just flourishing. He’s always loved film photography, and he has a huge interest in technology so needless to say James working at a camera shop in the digital age is like a kid in a candy store. He goes to work happy and comes home happy and the best part is he’s on a 9 to 5 schedule. It’s also great having him home for dinner. I can’t even tell you how great it is. It’s such a joy to be able to eat together, and to sit at the table together. We not only have dinner together, but we get to have breakfast too. For months I have wondered why I have felt so off and last week it clicked, it all boils down to us being on different schedule and now that we are on the same schedule it’s like magic.) Wow okay, huge side note, but I had to tell you how excited I am about this big change!

Okay, back to Saturday, when he got home we immediately took the camera outside to play in the sun. James got busy telling me all about the camera and showing me the all the great manual features and even snapped a few shots of yours truly. We had a lovely evening laughing and trying new things. We fell in love with the camera and can’t wait to have our own. Which will hopefully happen this week! Thank you tax return.

We also watched ‘Tintin’ that night which we both enjoyed!

Sunday we had a sweet and relaxed Easter. Filled with so much lovely sun; we made a greasy spoon style brunch and lazily spent the day snapping photos, reading books, and listening to the church bells.  It was our first Easter as a married couple and our first time not piggy backing on our parents for holiday celebrating. Though I can tell you I do miss Easter lunch with the whole Sawyer clan getting together. Easter was always my favorite holiday as a little girl with all the flowers in bloom, the pretty, bright spring dresses, little white socks with lace, and eggs hunts with candy! As an adult I sure miss my Gran’s mean cornbread, my sweet little cousins running about the yard, and both my Aunts pretty smiles. Oooh and the sweet tea. Nobody makes sweet tea like my Mom. Someday I will get used to spending holidays far away, but for now it is still very new to me to not have them all around.

We did get to spend Easter supper with James’ Aunt. I just love her. I mean I really, really love her! We are so lucky to live so close, just a flight of stairs away! She owns our building and lives in the basement apartment and we live in the attic apartment and it’s just perfect. She is one of the most caring, loving, kind people I’ve ever met and it’s truly a gift to be able to live where we do with such a lovely land lady, who, oh man, can cook! She made a fantastic puttanesca with spaghetti for dinner, complete with red wine, and James and I supplied the dessert. A lovely evening was had by all and we went home, up the stairs, with full bellies. We finished the night cuddled up on the couch watching ‘Some like it Hot’, one of my all time faves.

On that note I will finish my ramblings.  Usually I think twice about publishing these posts and hide them away in the ‘Do Not Publish, Ever’ folder. I haven’t quite gotten used to leaving myself vulnerable in this space as I am not quite comfortable with my writing, yet. Today is a different story and I am going to let this post slide in there as I attempt to open myself up to new experiences and take new and courageous steps to get closer to my dreams of being a better writer, some day. Maybe not today, but someday.

Damn dreams.

I leave you with a  few photos from Saturday.

The view of the back of the Court-House, our back yard.

Yours truly hanging out with my freckles and fringe over at the old carriage house across the street. Oh and a new headpiece that will be in the shop soon!

James’ lovely Aunt, Dobbie, heading to dinner on her bicycle and our neighbors painting studio behind. So jealous.

The street behind our house. See that little bitty bit of blue at the end of the road there? That’s lake Ontario. Between the lake and the Court-House is a lovely park too! On the left is the back side of Hochelaga Inn, one of the four bed and breakfasts in our neighborhood.

This last one is of my sweetie. Shhh don’t tell him I snuck this one in here. He’s so handsome. We were playing with the sun light in our last few shots of the day. I was able to hold the camera up to his height, and still see the LCD as it is quite large. Isn’t he a cutie? I am one lucky lady.

I do hope you had a lovely weekend and a beautiful week ahead. I have lots of goodies planned!



2 responses to “A long weekend in review

  1. Great to hear you had a good weekend Hillery!

  2. Glad you had such a nice weekend and it was fun to learn a little bit about you.

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