Back up and running!

Just wanted to let everyone know that I will have the blog back up and running next week!  There was an easy to fix issue with my fan, so no more crazy loud roaring sound and no more overheating.

Boy am I relieved, it will be so nice to write again without fear of my computer exploding. I’ve also got a new lap tray/cooling tray which is going to make things mighty pleasant around here. Now I just need a new desk!

James and I went thrifting today.We both had a really great time and came home with lots of great deals and cool finds. Best of all we stayed under budget.

I am so excited to share what all we found with everyone!

Be sure to check back next week, as I now have my little camera back, (do you know where that silly thing was? It had fallen into the glass recycling! Luckily, we take that off to the Beer Store or it’d be out on the curb for the carbage man.) and we might just have that really amazing camera James brought home from work!

Some exciting things to expect now that a camera is back on the blog:

  • Photography projects
  • Baking posts
  • Yummy recipe posts
  • Jams and jellies
  • Outfit posts
  • Thrifty finds
  • And…Best of all…How to’s and tutorials!
I am so so so excited, I can’t even express how excited I am!

I hope you have a lovely weekend and see you all next week!



3 responses to “Back up and running!

  1. I for one, would love to see some photography contests.

    Thrift store finds are fun, too. (I’ve been buying up cashmere sweaters at Value Village, sometimes for as little as $5, cutting the arms off a few of them, and putting some elastic around where the shoulder used to be on the former arms. This leaves me with leg warmers that are much better than the ones at the bike shop. You should consider making tutorials for repurposed clothing, for somebody with my lack-of-skill level.)

  2. Forrest, I too have been cutting the sleeves off of sweaters to make leg warmers for years! Though, your reasons are a lot more practical than my purely aesthetic reasons, but hey there is definitely practicality in style and style in practicality. I am sure your super warm cashmere leg warmers are dashing as well.
    As for clothing repurposing, I am really excited to share some projects and little tips on the blog. I love to sew and because I buy almost nothing new, I pretty much alter everything. Unfortunately/Fortunately, I have inherited the “Eye”. You know that look a passing thrifter gets when they find an item on the rack and suddenly their wheels start turning and they look as though they are about to scream from joy. Well it was sort of bred into me. My parents are all about the thrift and I spent my childhood rehabbing thrift store Barbies. I was certain I had a gift. We are a special breed of thrifty Macgyvers. Although, without the cool factor and explosions sadly.
    So in good time I should have some worthy projects worth sharing. I really appreciate your comments! Oh and by the way and just to let you know, idiot hats are pretty common place around this blog. One of my favorite accessories actually. (:

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