10 Things I love – Bicycle Accessories


1. Day of the Dead bike basket cover by Mellowvelo /// 2. Swiss Army Double Pannier Bags by Venice Velo



3. Leather Bicycle Wine Rack  Oops Mark /// 4. Wooden Bike Basket by Macpherson Crate Co



5. Wooden Handle Bar Mustache by Sewell Works/// 6. Bicycle Skirt Guard by Frillride



7. Nubuck Leather Bicycle Messenger bag by J Rawl Design/// 8. Thunderbolt Bike Seat Bow by Mischeif Managed Knits



9. Cobalt Blue Bike Planter by Wearable Planter/// 10. Leather Bike Tool bag by Jespen Leather Goods

I love my bike!

Oh my goodness. Etsy sellers take the cake when it comes to creative ways to outfit your bicycle. So many beautiful and incredible items. I’d love to deck out my bike with all of these ingenius and adorable bicycle accessories!


10 responses to “10 Things I love – Bicycle Accessories

  1. I love the planter! All of these are cute and Fredly, which is why I’d love to see them on bikes at the park … but wouldn’t put them on my own bike. :D

    • Haha, curious to know what fredly means. Though I do think there are some non-fredly options above as well :). Your photos of the Northwest are incredible. Must be an amazing to ride near the ocean.

      • This will probably be a long comment – I hope you don’t mind. :o

        There’s a guy named Fred Birchmore, who wrote a book called Around the World on a Bicycle. Artifacts from his trip are on display at The Smithsonian right now. Fred didn’t care about light-weight frames, or new, high-tech pedals, or, really, anything but riding his bike. People made fun of him, until one day in Italy he happened to be going on a rode where a race was going on. Fred was the first guy through the finish line, and everyone thought he won, until they realized he wasn’t even part of the race. So … in his honor … a Fred, or a Fredly cyclist, is one who doesn’t do the whole spandex superhero thing.

        The Northwest (or Northwet) is a wonderful place. But, if you can believe it, the ocean is basically like a giant lake. It’s water, as far as the eye can see, and then a lot more. I don’t know, everyone else says I’m crazy, but I don’t think you’re missing much on that front.

  2. These are so FAB! Loving the pink fender…!
    xo! :)

  3. I love the Swiss Army Pannier.

    • I love that pannier! It’s in such great shape too. I am in need of a pannier for my bike, though sadly, I’ll have to find something a lot cheaper as that baby is a little out of my budget at this point. (:

  4. I love the story behind Fredly. I am definitely going to have to look into his book and see all the artifacts.

  5. I LOVE the wine bottle holder. That would be so me!!!

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