Repurpose Round up – Bicycle Inner Tube Creations

Keeping with this week’s theme – an ode to the bicycle, today’s Repurpose Round highlights some etsy sellers who make good use out of busted tires. That’s right everything you are about to see below is made from the inner tubes of bicycle tires. If you ask me, these folks are geniuses.

Nothing fancy about today’s post as I am still struggling to feed myself and it’s nearly 8 pm!

I spent the majority of my day hanging out at the laundromat. With things being so tight back in March and only having the capacity to wash the  essentials laundry really began to pile up around here. So much so that I it’s been keeping me up at night…sorry folks, I let my OCD slip. Whoops! Needless to say I was actually absolutely elated to spend the day washing and folding and lugging the little buggie down the street. In fact I am sitting here congratulating myself.

It actually wasn’t a bad time. I took some trial mix, a big bottle of lemon water, my notebook, and my camera. It was a beautiful sunny day and I was feeling happy. I spent the time between washes feeling inspired by the lovely spring day. I even got some quality shots of some of my thrifty finds for the weekend.

Here are some rather interesting bicycle accessories from some amazing Etsy sellers as promised.

Please excuse me while I go remove my lentil loaf from the oven and get ready to chow down! Recipe tomorrow! I hope you have a lovely night tonight!

1. Scuola Recycled Inner Tube Case by Reddot Cycling $20

2. Inner Tube flower Bow by Upcyclery $12

3. Recycled Bike Inner Tube Journal by PalePink $39

4. Feather Earring from recycled Inner Tube by True Partners in Craft  $25

5. Eco Inner Tube Messenger Fringe Bag by Reclaimed Wreckage $264.99

6. recycled Inner tube cut out globe cuff by Beatrice Holiday $28

4 responses to “Repurpose Round up – Bicycle Inner Tube Creations

  1. Oh I love that journal and the bracelet!

  2. …and I love the feather earring! :-)

  3. The first (pocket?) and third (book cover) are pure awesome! I have so many ersatz bungee cords from flatted tubes, and I haven’t found a use for more than a fraction of them. Too bad this is all well beyond my ability, but it makes me happy to see people re-using the rubber instead of sending it off to a landfill. :D

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