New Hair running with scissors

From cyclops to upstanding citizen in mere seconds. Thank you Egyptians for inventing scissors.

That’s right life is just more fun with bangs.

Truth be told, most of the time I have to hide all my scissors, especially on late insomnia-tic nights were I am grasping for straws trying to identify with my identity. I have serious issues when it comes to my hair, it is probably the only thing I have ever truly been possessive about in my life. It is my security blanket and my confidence is wrapped tightly around those curls. It’s always been this way, since I can remember and my curls are the only constant piece of my identity. I love them and wouldn’t trade them for the world.

Happy Cinco de Mayo! No tequila for me, nope, uh uh, no way. One thing I’ve learned is I am either too old or too much of a homebody for drinking holidays.

Be safe tonight and have fun!


2 responses to “New Hair running with scissors

  1. Fabu bangs! I’m rockin’ some right now, too.

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