Happy Birthday – My first Ukulele Song

In the spirit of creating new habits and working on conquering fears. I recorded a little video of myself last night. Yesterday, I received my birthday present from James and it is a brand new Lanikai Ukulele. I spent the day carrying it all around on our trip to the market and the dry goods store secretly wishing I could break out in song.

When we got home I did some research and found a great site for beginners. If you ever want to learn to play the ukulele this site www.ukeschool.com is the best ever. Someday I hope to be able to make a contribution, because I have been so incredible impressed so far. It’s almost as if I am taking an actual lesson, and the fellow is hilarious, so it’s just great.

So I sat me down and learned me the basics; and just over an hour later I was playing my first song, the birthday song.

With that I leave you to marvel in awe at my natural talent.

For those who might be interested, I am a lefty, although, I am playing the uke strung standard and flipped over to the left. The main reason for this is so’s not to limit myself musically. Technically, I should be able to pick up any standardly strung ukulele and simply flip it over. It’s pretty simple to learn as I am just inverting the fret board.


3 responses to “Happy Birthday – My first Ukulele Song

  1. Lovely Hillery – you made me smile. I am so impressed all the way down here in Sydney. What an awesome post and how hip are you – teaching yourself to play the coolest instrument out there, and equaled only by the harmonica (which my Granddad used to play). Go you! :-)

  2. such a cute video! your voice is super pretty :) xx

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