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Tutorial Round Up – March 31 2012

Whooo! This sure is a long awaited post. I just love crafty tutorials and love searching out new and amazing designs and projects around the blogosphere. It’s quite exhilarating.

Remember you can click through the images to the tutorials.

 Pretty Patchy Paper lanterns by Lola Nova….1. These ‘Pretty Patchy Paper Lanterns’ are made using scrap fabric and card stock. I love how versatile the project can be depending on what scraps you have lying around. Tutorial and images via: Lola Nova
 2. Aren’t these painted camera straps great? I am in need of a new camera strap for my old Nikon and I this DIY is really inspiring me to make my own! Tutorial and images via: Design Love Fest

3. These cloud lights are incredible! They are made with a paper lanter, cotton batting, and flameless candles. I would love to make something like this to put over our guest bed or a reading knook. So whimsical; and everyone knows I love whimsy. Tutorial via: Wedding Nigh Image Via: Alexis Mires Flickr
4. Call me a sucker for everything tacky, but I love this necklace display made with faux antlers and silk flowers mounted on a reclaimed pallet. Tutorial and Images found via: A Beautiful Mess

5. Kinsey’s sandal revamp where she adds a simple leather fringe. Tutorial and image via: Sincerely Kinsey

6. I am a sucker for macrame. and love the neon cording against the white bowl. I have a ton of vases left over from our wedding and lots of black cording. I’ve got to make some of these to complete my dream of a hanging garden in our living room. Tutorial and image via: Refinery 29 Love that site.

Notice a trend? (:

Well besides the sandals – I just threw those in there because I am dreaming of warmer weather.

I really want to work on pulling my living room together this weekend. It’s in need of some real TLC and a spring make over! Do you have any projects big or small planned for the weekend? Any crafty plans? I am definitely making some time this weekend to get my craft on!

I hope you have a fun Friday night and beautiful weekend!


Weekend tutorials to tied your over

Okay so I couldn’t stay away, I had to share some of the tutorials that came across my path this week.

Aren’t these tights adorable. I found them over on Pineneedle collective and that is just the cutest little blog with tons of great tutorials. On a side note: I  love the trend going around right now on revamping your old shoes with fabric and especially the fabric she chose for her old brougues in this other tutorial.

I love love love hidden spaces in books and have been meaning to make one for a million years. So when Kinsey mentioned on her blog Sincerely, Kinsey using it as a jewelry box. I thought how I really oughta make one now seeing how I need some place to hide my jewelry away from our young Ms. Kitty.

Isn’t this heartbeat necklace awesome? You can check out how to make your own over on the ISpy DIY Blog. Another amazing blog btw for incredible fashion DIYs. Jamie is pretty much a genius.

I hope you have a safe weekend with all that bad weather out there around the States, stay safe, and have a lovely time making something beautiful!

Sunday Sew You #1

It’s a beautiful and sunny Sunday. James and I are just about to head out to do some thrift shopping as there is a 50% sale at Value Village tomorrow and we are part of their rewards plan so you get to go in a day early.

Heres a little refashion I found to share with you to make your afternoon brighter, what with us all pining for spring and all. You can simply click on the pic or anyone of the links below to be taken to the blog.

This little tutorial for this draw string cami is from a fantastic little blog, Sew knit Me. She doesn’t post all too often, but when she does you can be sure it’s going to be a lovely and stylish refashion or a super incredible complete build from scratch like her pretty floral corduroy bog in this pic.

Friday Tutorial Round Up

All this going out and volunteering has really given me the time to take a look at my lack luster wardrobe. My closet used to be full of awesome items, but I have either lost or misplaced things while moving around in the last few years.

This weeks tutorial round up is all about repurposing your wardrobe and there are some real goodies in the mix. I do hope you find these inspirational and enjoyable. Remember you can simply click on the photograph to be taken to the tutorial or right click to open in another window.

This lovely dress, made by Sarah of JaynSarah, is made from a skirt! She even tells you to how you can make her necklace.

I love making quick skirts with elastic waist bands and over on A Pair and a Spare Geneva shows you a little down of how she made this lovely silk maxi, she also links to her full tutorial for the same skirt in black sheer. You could of course use any fabric that drapes well. I made a similar skirt this week from a table cloth.

Lizzie from Cotton and Curls, a fantastic blog where she show you how to resize everything, shows you how to get loose and add a pretty fabric panel to a tight fitting tee. Isn’t that just darling?

Elsie over at a beautiful mess has come out with another stunning outfit make over this week with this horse printed dress tutorial.

The lovely Chantilly over at My girl Thursday always has fantastic ideas when it comes to repurposing your wardrobe and your home. Here she shows you how to add a little love to those old holy jeans.

I hope you have a beautiful and fun filled weekend. I am about to have to go run errands in this ridiculous unexpected snow.

Thought book DIY

Have you ever had a really amazing idea and then forgotten about it before you had the chance to write it down? Well never again!

Here is a quick little DIY “thought” book you can whip up in less than an hour to jot down all those incredible ideas. Simply equip it with a pen, if you are like me you will need to secure the pen to it so you don’t lose the pen! Stick it in your bag or clutch and there you have it, a little mobile creative space. (:

You need: an old greeting card, some card stock, some notebook paper, and some scissors. You also need glue, a needle and thread, and something sharp like an awl or if you don’t have an awl you can carefully use a sewing machine needle like I did.

Simply cut down the notebook paper to fit your greeting card, and fold in half. Poke holes with your awl or sharp needle being very, very, careful not to poke yourself. Then sew through all the holes several times. If you want to add more color cut your card stock into two pieces to fit on the front and the back and glue into place, but if you have a pretty greeting card you can skip that step. I even glued in a ribbon book mark and some velvet ribbon on the spine. Have fun, get creative!

They are the perfect size for a clutch, pocket, or purse, and are so so precious. Hopefully they will help me keep up with all of those random inspirational moments while I am out walking around town.

Do you keep a journal? A dream book? What are some other ways you keep up with your inspirations and ideas. If you’d like to, share in the comments below.

I hope you had a beautiful day. I am off to get ready for bed. Sweet dreams.

Friday Tutorial Round up – Home printing

So it’s time for another tutorial round up. This week I have really been on a printing kick and have been reading everything I can about home screen printing, color block printing, and stamping. So I just want to share with you a few amazing tutorials out there on the interweb. Some are fresh and new and others are oldies, but goodies.  Don’t forget to click the image to go straight to the tutorial or right click to open in a new window. Here we go!

This is an adorable how to on making a homemade stamp from a wine cork and some foam. You should definitely check out this amazing blog A beautiful Mess by Elsie. Her tutorials are amazing and she is so creative and fun!


This next tutorial is from an older episode of Threadbanger. Oh how I love thee. It’s great because it shows you how you can use a pair of panty hose, some mod podge, and an embroidery hoop to make your own home screen printing screen. This method just might come in handy sometime soon.


This so adorable hand stamped Valentines kit is from Design Sponge. I can’t really say this enough, but if you haven’t already you should go check out design sponge. That site is awesome with great tutorials and blog posts.


I love mushrooms and have a budding interest in mycology. I think this little article on Martha Stewart about printing with the spores of mushrooms is so interesting. This technique is often used to help identify different types of mushrooms, but it makes for some lovely wall art. Or at least to me it does.


The cream of the crop this tutorial from the all incredible Apartment Therapy shows you how to make your own patterned fabric and I mean this is a serious tutorial with incredible results.


This lovely set of wall art was made using potato stamps. Yep, a stamp cut out of a potato. Just lovely. You can find it over on the Oh Happy Day blog.


This tutorial over on Lotta Jansdotter’s blog is for printing these lovely flowers on a soft summer skirt. So pretty, simple, yet a lovely addition to this gray skirt. A very nice blog as well.


One last simple but fantastic clothing printing tutorial is from Elizabeth over on Delightfully Tacky blog. This is such a cute and quick tutorial that you could do in just a few hours for lounging about over the weekend. Super precious.

I hope you find these printing tutorials inspirational and helpful. I know as spring draws nearer I am feeling the need to revamp a few things around the house and hopefully will have the chance use some of these tricks and tips.

Have a lovely weekend!


Cupid’s Arrow Necklace DIY

Who doesn’t like hearts? I love hearts, in fact when I was 6 years old I wrote a song about how much I love hearts. The lyrics were very simple, but as long as you had an echo megaphone everything sounded awesome.

Today however, my love of hearts has led me to putting together this tutorial for this hearts on a string, Cupid’s arrow necklace. This project will take approximately an hour with some paint drying time.

You will need:

  • 4 2×2 in scraps of vinyl/vegan leather any color
  • approx. 2 and a half feet link chain
  • 6 small jump rings
  • 1 large jump ring
  • 1 clasp
  • needle nose pliers
  • Acrylic craft paint
  • mod podge or watered down craft glue for sealing
  • sharp needle for awl
  1. Draw out your 3 heart shapes with a pen on the back of your vinyl/vegan leather making each one slightly small than the other.

    Ugliest drawn hearts on the planet

  2. Cut them out.
  3. Draw your arrow shape on the back of your last piece of vinyl.

    Cute little arrow

  4. Cut it out.
  5. Grab your craft paint in your choice of colors. I chose the three primary colors red, blue, and yellow. I also chose to leave my medium sized heart brown and paint the arrow red.

    I am sucha mess maker

  6. Paint several coats allowing each one to dry. For the blue it only took 3 coats, but both the red and yellow took 6 or seven. [[[lots of waiting so go grab a cup of tea and re-coat during sips. (:]]]]]
  7. After you are satisfied with your colors seal the paint with mod podge or a little watered down craft glue.
  8. Then take your awl or sharp needle and poke holes in the center of the heart bumps and slightly off center on your arrow.

    Don't poke my heart

  9. Take and slip your jump rings through the holes you just poked, being careful not to rip the vinyl.
  10. Cut your chain into the length you want to go around your neck. Cut four short lengths making each cut a few eighths of an inch longer than the last.
  11. Thread the longest short chain onto the arrow and close the jump ring.
  12. Then go from smallest hear to largest putting the longest chain on the smallest heart.
  13. Take your larger jump ring and open it up. First thread on the largest heart, then medium, then small, then arrow. Slip on the long chain piece close to the center and close the jump ring.
  14. Lastly attach your clasp with a jump ring to one side and an empty jump ring to the other side.

I need to learn to stop talking when James is taking my picture.

There you have it! An adorable Cupid’s arrow necklace knockin’ ’em all down. Go out there in the world and rock it.