We made burritos from scratch.

As for handy homemaking, this week we did a big shop for flours and dry goods. I made some quick farm loaves to get us through the week and my task this weekend has been majorly on stocking the fridge/freezer. J and I made freezer burritos  today.

Everything was from scratch. Including the tortillas and salsa. We also used dried black beans making it a very frugal batch coming in around .34 cents a burrito. Though I often make pitas from scratch, this was my first time making tortillas. I didn’t quite like the recipe that I used, so I wont share it with you. Next time I am going to make another batch of burritos, with some lovely cranberry beans I have soaked and I will try a different tortilla recipe. J took a few pictures tonight of the tortilla making, but it was dark out and the pictures aren’t fantastic. I will hopefully be able to capture the process next time to share.

And this is where the photo montage ends. We got kind of caught up at this point because everything was going on the stove. Also see all those little floury dough balls. I ended up having to combine them because even when rolled out very thin, they were tiny and would cook way too fast and become crisp. Fine for chips not so good for burritos.

On a side note, I have been saving up ingredients to make some homemade cleaning solutions that I will share with you very soon. I am very much looking forward to trying some recipes a friend has passed on, so we’ll se how that goes.

Also J and I are gathering materials to make a couch from pallets and I mean a nice looking couch. We hate our current inherited futon. It’s only redeeming factor being that it is made entirely out of wood, though it is rather bulky and not comfy at all. That will be happening in the future, but for now we will have to be content with food stuffs.


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