Friday Inspiration Round Up Home Office Space

I usually post tutorials on Friday, but since my home office has been on my mind I decided I’d share some of the inspiration photos I have been hoarding for my home office project I am working on. Keep in mind that I have little to no budget so I am sharing simple, resourceful and inspirational photos and links. Nothing fancy schmancy.

Amazing and simple shelving keeps this craft supplies neat and orderly.

Love these wrap around desks made of reclaimed butcher block and shelves made of salvaged wood planks and black pipe from Tara and Percy’s home office space featured on design sponge. I am definitely incorporating the wrap around desk. It makes the most sense for our small space. Although, I am planning on using plywood, as I am not sure I will find any salvaged woods on kijiji as nice as they did. I also love the dry lines on the side wall, those would work great for drying projects, and displaying inspiration, as well as pretty little paper collectables.

Love the use of these found and mix matched chalk boards in this child’s bedroom. I really want to have a space to write my goals and lists on a daily basis and would really like to incorporate chalk boards. Maybe I’ll get a chance to use Elsie’s homemade chalkboard paint tutorial from this week.

Since our apartment is literally the size of a shoe box I’d really like to implement a day bed into the room. Something affordable, probably home built unless I could find a little love seat sofa bed for cheap otherwise I am looking for projects that sleep two people. Maybe something like this simple sleeper couch made of mattress foam and ply wood.

Since we are on the very top of the house the front side of our apartment is dormered. That is the side with the bedrooms so it makes for a lot of unused space. I’d love to build in some storage like this to make those spaces more useful!

Linky Love – Helpful tips for working at home and managing inspiration:

In this blog entry from Elsie on A beautiful mess, she talks about organizing her business inspirations and ideas. Great for bloggers!

10 Steps to a home office you’ll love from Apartment Therapy.


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