My lunch today.

So today this blog, Clair Cooks conveniently fell into my lap just around lunch time. After seeing her post today I had to make this spicy lemon garlic shrimp and grits. Everybody and their brother knows I love me some lemon garlic shrimp. Put it over some cheesy grits and I have died and gone to heaven. I make my grits from corse ground corn meal. Which is the only way to make grits. Instant grits are lying to you. It does take over an hour to get that perfect creamy consistency, but it’s well worth the wait let me tell you.

I love me some grits and for some odd reason I have only made them once since I left Georgia. In fact I never cook grits when I am not in Georgia. Which means I have spent a good 3 three years not eating grits except when I visit my parents. tsk tsk. I have to add this to my regular menu. I usually eat my garlic lemon shrimp over lime rice or chow mein, but boy cheesy grits are so much more savory and filling. I really don’t know why I never thought to do this at home. I love etouffe and grits. This gets me half way to the bayou. I am a Cajun at heart.


One response to “My lunch today.

  1. So glad you liked it! I wish I could eat it everyday.

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